Fungatopia 9%

Fungatopia token allocation will offer discounted rate of 20% on NFT drops and selected drops will only offer FGS token as a payment method.

FGS Games 14%

FGS Games will hold its own Token pre sale late 2023/2024.
30% of allocation will be assigned to FGS Games Presale holders, whilst the remaining token allocation will be used for the following;
In game purchases
Gaming rewards
Gaming partner rounds
Partner gaming currency
FGS Presale Token holders in a similar model to Fungatopia benefiting from our success.
We’ll provide more details nearer the time.

Fungality 12%

Fungality will hold its own token presale in 2024/2025, following a similar model as FGS Games and Fungatopia. Due to the lack of clarity of technical advancements more details will need to follow at a later date.
Following the same model we’ll provide an allocation to existing investors whilst letting new investors into the ecosystem.
It's more than likely that parts of the Fungality ecosystem are launched and through beta stage by the time of Presale.

Staking 9%

Staking allocation is to include NFT and Token staking rewards. DPY will be fixed at the time of purchasing but variable DPY model based on market conditions, promotional offers and specific NFT collections.

Partnerships 5%

Partnership token allocation will have a broad use within the ecosystem. This isn’t a grease palms allocation; instead, it will be used as investment opportunities to partners as well as allocations to key partners, 70-30 to increase the token price. Locked periods 15% per annum.

Tech/Marketing 4%

The allocation offers the development team the ability to further develop the ecosystem. Through platform upgrades, marketing and technology upgrades.
Locked periods 20% per annum.

Exchanges 4%

Liquidity will need to be provided to exchanges and liquidity providers.

Presale 5%

As mentioned in the Fungatopia section of the Whitepaper, Presale Token investors will share 0.6% of the Transaction revenue through Fungatopia. This is via a treasury and rebate model.
If Presale tokens are sold depending on the % of tokens sold you’ll reduce voting rights and rebates.
Tokens will need to be staked to receive rights.

Public Sale 20%

Public sale tokens will have vesting periods of 25% per quarter.

Team 14%

Team Tokens will have lock in periods spanning 10 years. This is to show our commitment to the project in the short and long term, 10% per annum.