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“Create fun and interactive gaming experiences based on economy of scale providing value to gamers, developers and investors”

P2E Gaming

Play to Earn games offer a real use case for the crypto market. Gamers being able to own in-game assets, which they can sell or trade, offers a totally new experience for gamers. We see a longer term vision for the gaming space where items are transferable between games so holding even more value to gamers.

Blockchain gaming still hasn’t taken off with traditional gamers, only reaching 0.5% of the total market share of revenue. It's partly adoption and standard of games within the blockchain space compared to AAA gaming. If gamers were given the choice of playing games for fun versus more games for money, at this moment the data shows fun.

Data also shows that from the last market run that games were able to pick up some traction, notably Axie Infinity. But when market conditions contract gamer numbers fall drastically. This was due to gaming mechanics surrounding token supply and demand.

We have no doubt that when market conditions improve, maybe we’ll see similar games to Axie make a move, some may become more successful.

Funganomics will build more sustainable models based on F2P and P2E models as a hybrid with more graphically advanced and fun games. We can do this at scale across multiple gaming titles.

This may take more time to build, but we believe we’ll be able to achieve larger player numbers and higher retention rates in any market cycle. The other real benefit to this is that no players are left carrying the can when market conditions contract, creating an ever green market.

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