Jack Rumbuckle

Year of Birth: 1775 Hometown: Ocracokie Island

Jack Rumbuckle is said to be a descendent of Captain Blackbad himself. Because of this heritage all troubles and violence of the worst kind found Jack and such was his temper that death was swift to any man that dared cross him. Until one day he met his beloved Chardonnay. Jack turned cheek on his woes for a calm life and for the love of his Chardonnay and the date was set to be wed on water upon his small fishing vessel. Jack always felt home at sea.
Following their unity they shared a cheerful dance to the Pochette on the deck that sat calmly upon the open sea near a trade route. As they smiled and danced merrily the music came to an abrupt silence and a huge shadow was cast over their vessel that robbed them of the suns rays in an instant. Jack and Chardonnay found themselves in the crossfire between a Naval and a Pirate Ship of ill intent as the Navy ship dismissed his calls to spare his love and opened fire upon their enemy. When Jack awoke he was run aground and lay face down amongst the wreckage on the sandy shore of Ocracokie Island.
In near sight and draped over small jagged rocks lay the lifeless body of his beloved Chardonnay. The Naval vessel was now seen nowhere yonda but Jack was carried aboard the damaged masterless ship of piracy and given Rum and cow meat as sustenance. The bull made Jack vomit …but the Rum made him smile. Jack found that day a ship that sailed a different path. A crew that recognised his strength to lead and the comfort of becoming who he was born to be. True to his blood-line Jack revels in the misery he can cause upon this unfair world and anyone that represents this world’s so-called justice.
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