Liberty Bull

Year of Birth: 1986 (35) Hometown: Fungland

Liberty Bull graduated Summa Cum Laude from her college New Fungland Tertiary having majored in DeFi studies. She is now a successful mum of 2 and wife to Titus. It can be lonely as a young lady having powers that she can’t show the world so when Liberty saw a handsome young man dragging a beached whale back into the ocean during his evening run…. she knew she’d found her soulmate. Now what are the odds on that?! Affectionately referred to by Titus as ‘Libby’ she is a loving mother and wife whilst having perhaps the most important super power within the family environment - patience and multitasking!
Amongst her arsenal Liberty has the power of flight, hypnotic persuasiveness (now if only the persuasive skill would work on the kids) and is a combat weapons expert to boot. All too often Liberty makes the real decisions for the team but has the power to let Titus believe it’s one of his gifts. Liberty knows that - when struggling - the best way to get Titus to do something is to suggest he’s too old to do it.
She is considering adding a family dog to the household…her rationale being that after a year the dog will still be happy to see her and it’ll only take a couple of months to train. One of Liberty's fond memories is when Titus asked her to gave him some space….and she locked him outside. Liberty knows that to know where Titus is every night…she’d need to be a widow and she’s pretty sure that Cassius is convinced that Mom stands for Made Of Money. Liberty knows that on rare occasions silence is golden. Unless you have kids…then it’s just plain suspicious!