Year of Birth: 2301 L.J Origin: Sekhet-Aaru

A direct descendent (son) of ‘Ra’; God of the Sun, Sky, Earth & Underworld. Killmen-Ra grew jealous of the worship his father received from mankind (created by Ra’s tears and sweat) and of the Cow - the earthly animal that was almost as beloved to his father as mankind.
As an act of defiance Killmen-Ra hurled the sun across the skies until it could no longer be seen and darkness fell upon the land. Thus night was born. On the first time that night fell Killmen-Ra slaughtered his father in the darkness. Killmen-Ra took to slaughtering all things Bull related including the cattle of Ra (mankind). To this day Killmen-Ra still actively seeks to destroy mankind and where the Bull species was deified under his fathers rule…the Bull is despised by Killmen-Ra