Rarity Bull

Year of Birth: 2008 (13) Hometown: Fungland

Rarity has a studious flame in her heart and hands to match! Rarity is a lone soul often choosing alone time over time with friends that quite frankly…she cannot relate too. Her gifts include her incredible intelligence, reasoning and savvy.
Somewhat typical as a teenager her nonchalant ‘eye-rolls’ & moody demeanour meets with discontent from her twin brother as she seems to share in none of the enthusiasm that her brother has for sports no matter how much he pleads with her for her participation.
Rarity will pick up an iBook before reaching for a ball - every time. She has her sights set on Applied Sciences for future college years. Rarity comes to life however matching Cassius’ enthusiasm when in combat and faced with the chance to make a difference by defeating a threat to her family, Fungland or to mankind! Incidentally Rarity knows that if she hears her mom laughing at her dad - they have guests!
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