Funganomics has a separate token allocation within the ecosystem rightfully named Fungatopia, where users can purchase NFTs drops from our Platform at discounted rates.
Funganomics will be providing additional utility within the Fungatopia® marketplace itself, utilising its own transactional fee model as the primary vehicle to deliver it.
In this way, 0.6% will be recirculated directly back into the token ecosystem, meaning that every transaction completed on the platform actually strengthens the FGS token value, the community, as well as the ecosystem as a whole.
This will be achieved by creating a treasury, which is discussed and voted upon quarterly.
One of the 4 quarters will provide a rebate to presale token holders based on the amount held as of 12/1. The amount of tokens held will also act as the number of voting rights. Any one investor can hold a maximum of $5,000.
If any of the presale tokens are sold at any point an investor would lose access to voting rights and rebates. This helps protect the integrity of the voting process and reinforces long-term token value.
Rebates will be distributed to the remaining members. As the token price rises it could present some serious dilemmas to pre sale token holders. This gives true meaning the the term “Diamond Hands”!