Unity NFT and Gaming SDK

Underlying Thesis

  • NFTs have become the host of culture in the web3 space, with the simple idea that you don’t need to understand how the underlying technology works to participate in the market. However, this also causes skepticism, because of the failure of projects to fulfil promised roadmaps and lack utility.
  • For web2 users, NFTs are the easiest gateway to enter the world of web3. This is because their favourite brands and celebrities are stepping into web3 - influencing users also to explore this new world.
  • Users are often confused whilst unsure how to take their first step when it comes to minting NFTs. They are unaware of the websites to trust and the platforms that would give them the most easy-to-understand experience. Likewise we've seen this sector take some really big hits in terms of floor prices. So providing an entire ecosystem gives more sustainability to ecosystems.
  • NFT projects need to minting quickly, but to mint large batches, they usually have to pay high fees and write their own smart contracts. This causes friction in the process & reduces the efficiency of their work.
  • Today, the traditional approach to gaming gradually comes to an end, with players seeking new sources of inspiration and - more significantly - income. This is why more & more developers are directing their gaze toward NFT game development.


The platform is designed to make the minting experience easier & smoother for both users & developers. The aim is for anyone to come to the platform and have a smooth minting experience that suits their needs.
  • For users who’re just venturing into web3, Quick Mint is the best way to onboard them. It allows them to mint their single NFTs in just 3 clicks for free! It supports all major file types under 100MB.
  • For NFT artists and creators who mint art very often, Batch Mint is the feature for them. Batch Mint enables the minting of thousands of NFTs at once - with a single click and minimal gas fee!
  • “I’ve minted my NFT, now what?” Well, now you can add utilities to your NFTs. Add an autograph, send it as a gift, order a physical version or add unlockable content. Make your NFT truly your own.
  • Create your own customized claim page. By creating a claim page, you have control over which wallets can claim your NFT, assign a date range, and even limit the number of NFTs that can be claimed.
  • Integrating NFTs into your dApps is completely free. We provide an open API for Single Minting. Developers and people leading NFT projects can easily plug the API into their projects and create seamless minting experiences.
  • Game developers can also easily mint their in-game assets as NFTs by integrating our Unity SDK. This enhances the game and lets players immerse themselves into the world of web3 through NFTs.