Battle Royale

Battle Royale competition matches will take place at random times throughout the month. Announcements will happen 7 days before an event. Battle Royale will take place between players from different clans. Our Battle Royale will give players the opportunity to play for larger FGS prizes and x3 x5 x10 clan points adding some real spice to the game at pivotal times within the Monthly Clan Leagues. Players will still battle players of similar Battle Star rankings. We will ensure that clan points are awarded based on Battle Star ranking so if you're a whiz at the game in higher leagues you can make more impact to your clan points.
All clan members help towards the final Clan League Standings at the end of the month. Battle Royale games will have a twist. Not all players from each clan will be called up to play each Battle Royal match although an even amount of clan members will be chosen at tiered league levels. This will add to the excitement of the game as no one will know until 7 days before the battle. This will be your Call To Battle.