Titus Bull

Year of Birth: 1985 (36) Hometown: Fungland

Titus Bull first discovered his abilities as a young boy one evening in Fungland. Titus was never a fan of vegetables and that evening on their 4th floor apartment while he jumped and stamped his feet in protest for the first time he rose again upright….. on the ground floor. As he looked back up through the settling dust and layers of concrete floors above he saw his Mom in the distance peering down at him in amazement through multiple holes.
Titus smiled with wide eyes and an open jaw and said “Cool”! Today Titus is father of 2 and husband to Liberty - his childhood sweetheart. He maintains a full time job as a software developer. Titus works from home which helps to keep his secret identity … well….secret. His strength is superior to any known hero in Fungland as well as his moral stance on justice being served.
At 36 years of age Titus leads the Bull family in the battles against the continuous threats that face them and the inhabitants of Fungland - even if the biggest threat to his family is…. his ‘Dad jokes’!! Titus may love Liberty unconditionally but he has resigned to one inalienable truth; marriage is like reading any ‘Terms of Use’ on the web…..eventually you just give up and say…. “I Agree”. While Titus insists that marriage certificates should be like driving licences and come with an expiration date, Liberty insists that with his marriage skill-set he would then be immediately disqualified. When his son Cassius once asked him what it’s like to be married he told him to go away… and then asked him why he was ignoring him.
Titus was content that he’d made his point. Titus invariably gets in trouble for his Dad humour and to this day Liberty hasn’t forgiven him for once posting an ad in the local ‘Personals' saying…’My wife and I have decided we don’t want kids….If you’re interested, please contact us immediately to arrange dropping them off’. Despite their occasional differences Titus says that he would rather pull the ring from a grenade than the ring from his wife and the grenade option lets him keep the house. When they do argue Titus always has uses words that start with “I’m sorry” and end with “You’re right”. All that said…Titus often reminds Liberty who is in charge…. as he hands her a mirror.