In the recent upward market we saw blockchain games built algorithmically, naturally as the sector is still in its infancy. It was quicker and easier, now we’ll see more advanced games and ecosystems, using products like FGS Games scaling solutions.

Traditional AAA titles game development can cost anywhere in the region of $30 - $60 million. This creates a clear barrier to entry for most traditional gaming developers as well as blockchain gaming.

As we’ve seen with Minecraft’s recent ban of NFTs its quite clear that a blockchain solution is a valued use case for the Blockchain community.

FGS Games is a key component of our Ecosystem, as the gaming sector has an annual revenue of $200+ billion rising every year.

We are able to do this at fraction of the cost and 10 times faster than traditional gaming companies. Although it increases speed the key component is a reduction in cost. Blockchain gaming needs infrastructure, FGS Games provides this, not only for our own ecosystem but for gaming developers further into our ecosystem evolution.

FGS Scaling solution works alongside Unity and Unreal Engine think of it as a scalable responsive solution within an engine, with the benefits of blockchain scaling and economic models.

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