Overview & Fungatopia®

Funganomics® is a company comprised of talented and passionate blockchain, software and gaming developers who are collectively building a premier NFT ecosystem, designed to support their vision for the future of NFTs, NFT Gaming and the Metaverse.


Fungatopia® is a multi-network, multi-format ‘future-proofed’ NFT marketplace! Fungatopia® will specialise in NFT drops directly to our community members from our own ecosystem and our partners; Fungatopia® is a core component within the Funganomics® ecosystem as interoperability with FGS Games® and Fungality® is key. A series of platform upgrades have been allocated for 2023.

FGS Games

FGS Games®: Funganomics® has a team of highly skilled blockchain gaming developers having worked on some of the leading games within the space. FGS Games® is a gaming division as well as a gaming engine. As we build games within the sector we will assist partners and developers to create more advanced and sustainable blockchain gaming economies.


Fungality® is our Virtual and Real world reality division. After already completing phase 1 of our Augmented Reality platform with the next build stages in the pipeline, Fungality® is already looking toward the future of the alternate reality space, providing high tech solutions for our partners to run alongside those that we provide within our own ecosystem.

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