Fungality®: Fungality® is our Virtual and Real world reality division. After already completing phase 1 Augmented Reality platform, with next build stages in the pipeline.

Fungality® is already looking toward the future of the alternate reality space. Providing high tech solutions for our partners to run alongside those that we provide within our own ecosystem.

FGS Games and Fungality have natural cross overs as technology built within FGS Games will provide benefits to Fungality.

Likewise FGS Games can benefit from the infrastructure built within Fungality.

Although we don’t know the entire scope of this project as there is still many unknowns in terms of technology, capabilities and integrations. What we do know is we have the tools and resources to build.

We’ll continue to build useful products for our users until we know more within the scope of tech confinements. We cant rule out building hardware devices at this stage, although not planned this will depend on functionality of existing products.

Fungality is primarily a software, gaming and commerce division. We don't expect to launch any of Fungality products until late 2023/2024.

It will follow a similar model in terms of tokenomics to Fungatopia and FGS Games except there will be some added positive variants to users and investors.

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