Investor Notes

Funganomics is a blockchain based ecosystem, building economies for the benefit of its users, investors and charities we support.
Funganomics is not a security, we are a speculative investment opportunity for investors who see value in our software, partnerships, tokenomics, products across our ecosystem and our vision for the future of blockchain technology.
From time to time markets can fluctuate this causes token prices to move in both directions, these sometimes are matters out of our control such as, global market conditions, blockchain sector sentiment and project delays.
If you are seeking a get rich quick scheme or looking to see returns within months or a year or so this isn't a project for you. Funganomics is building an ecosystem for the future this naturally takes time as we've seen across all great infrastructure projects.
We are happy to accept investors who have taken the time to read our documents, even answer any questions where possible and want to support us in a positive way.
Only invest an amount you're comfortable investing.