Year of Birth: 15K Nebula Origin: Effen G-21

In comparison to other foes little is known about this Ultra-Droid. What we do know is that it hales from the Metaverse as a TAS Warrior (Time and Space). Mortolo is Commander of the Droid army Mazkov that is scattered across the Metaverse to obtain specific specimens from this world and others. Precious and rare metals seem to be on its list of collectibles to develop their race and tech. Fiat currency itself is of no interest so clearly holds no value to them.
What we do know is that the items the Droid collects seem to put pressure upon our economy slowly depleting our precious metal resources. Given that they are devoid of emotion this is a particularly cold, target driven and functional Ultra-Droid species. Mortolos mission is to be completed before its return or its demise.
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