Mission & CEO Intro

“Create products that assist in the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Using creative and diverse methodology, develop smart contract coding to create new products and services"

CEO Intro

The CEO and Founder Jeremy, as many, started his journey as an investor in blockchain projects. This lit a fire inside him as he quickly became fascinated with the possibilities of what could be built with blockchain technology.
He soon discovered that investing in great projects early was the most savvy way to make profits. spending countless hours, weeks, and months researching start up projects that he felt were promising. This wasn’t easy, as not only was it time consuming, but finding the right projects was tough.
He became frustrated with misinformation in the global news this was what led to the start of the Funganomics® project.
Funganomics® is a blockchain technology company building an NFT ecosystem designed to assist in the mass adoption of blockchain technology.
Focusing on the core elements that we believe contribute to true growth within the sector, Funganomics® moves to leverage all of these opportunities for the benefit of our entire community, charities and investors.
Interestingly enough what he didn't know at this time but does now was that he comes from a family of inventors running back decades and decades. His great great grandfather Bobby invented many devices from the cake decorating wheel to a bearing that solved the problem of boats taking on water, to the famous transistor, which is commonly used in computers and many devices still to this day.
When Bobby submitted his patent for the transistor it led to an investigation by the CIA as it had already been invented in the US, for which he was unaware at the time. He showed all his calculations and how he built it, the CIA were concerned as this was advanced tech and they were just checking that there wasn't a leak of information.
Bobby had to hand over all his patents to the UK government and was only ever paid £50 per patent, as the UK were technically at war at the time although only on paper. This didn't stop him as he enjoyed building, creating and solving problems.